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Water Treatment

North West Air and Water 
Installs water treatment equipment from Addie and Water Right to fit all of your water treatment needs.

Installing the equipment at an affordable price you buy it you own it no paying monthly rental fees saving you money over the long run!

Able to cover every thing from hard water to bad odor and taste.  

Offering water softeners to remove hard water stains and prolong the life of your fixtures and even clothing.

 Iron filters to rid your water of that nasty red and orange staining. 

Acid neutralizers to protect your water pipes and fixtures.
Revers osmosis systems to remove nitrates from your drinking water and take away any bad odor or taste. 
Also offering whole home water filters for with sediment filters to remove sand and particulate from your well
 and carbon filters to remove odor and taste from your homes water.

Call us today for your free water system analysis:  

Cameron 715-458-3382, Chetek 715-925-3382 Winter: 715-642-1273